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Agreement on acquisition of personal information in the time of order

Our company is F.O.Planning Co., Ltd.
When ordering the products of our company please provide your personal information.The personal infomation provided will be treated as follow. Please check the contents and order.If you have any questions please consult a consultation desk.

①We will use it for reception procedure and delivery procedure.
②We will use it for answer your question and consultation.

We will properly manage the personal information we keep from you and will not disclose personal information to any third party unless it falls under any of the following.
①When there is customer's consent
②When disclosing to the contractor of our company to do the service that the customer wishes
③When it is necessary to present it based on laws and ordinances

Regarding maintenance of this site and handover and shipping of items, there is a case to outsource.
In commissioning, we select those that meet adequate protection level, and we will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision for those entrusted.

【Optionality of provision of personal information】
It is optional for you to provide personal information to us.However, if personal information is not provided, order processing of goods a bad influence appears on the shipping process.

【About request for disclosure etc. of personal information】
We accept requests for notice, disclosure, correction / addition or deletion of contents concerning this personal information, suspension / deletion of use, suspension of provision to third parties ("Disclosure etc.") We are.For that procedure, please consult "Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk".
However, when it is based on laws and regulations, we may not be able to comply with disclosure. Please note.

【【Information to be provided】
We appropriately manage and dispose of the information you provided us.

<Personal Information Complaints and Consultation Desk>

F.O.Planning Co., Ltd.
Personal information protection manager:Headquarters HIROSHI NOGUCHI
If you can confirm and agree on handling our personal information, please proceed to order.