How to order - Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental
How to order!

Using cart page.It is easy!

①Top page! try to order estimation!

Select "Pick-up place" and the date of "Pick-up","Drop-off".Confirm Rental Period.Push "RESERVE NOW" Button.

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②Check subtotal and agree to terms

Push "I agree to terms"Button.&Push "Checkout" Button.

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③If you are New user

If you are New user please push "Continue" Button.(Once you registered,Input Email & Pass and Login)

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④Input your name and address

Confirm your personal data and push "Submit" Button.

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⑤Enter your flight number and arrival time.

If you choose pickup place to Hotel,etc Please enter Hotel name and address.Fill Payment Method and push "Order Confirmation" Button.

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⑥Enter Coupon Code (Discount code) and push "Apply" Button.

Check Total amount and Shipping Adress details.

  1. If it is O.K Please push "Order" Button.
  2. If you mistake Discount code try again.
  3. If you mistake Shipping Adress use EDIT.

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●If you want to Clear the order.●

Push "check" Button.(upper right side red cart mark)

  1. Changing to Shopping cart page.
  2. Push "cancel" Button.(gray color button)
  3. Changing to Top page.Try again please!

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●If you want to cancel your account●

(terminate your account)

  1. Push "My Account ".(Below the top page for pc)
  2. (For mobile page is inside of left side menu)
  3. Log in (for registered users)
  4. There is menu left side. select "Cancel your account".
  5. Input your login password and enter.
  6. If you forget your password,please back to log in page.
  7. Press "Forget Your Password?".and reset.

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Detail of pickup place,how to use our mobile hotspot and more information.