Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental
Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental - Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental

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Rental Period Rates/Plans
1~5 days 800yen/d → 640yen/d
6~10 days 700yen/d → 560yen/d
11~15 days 600yen/d → 480yen/d
16~20 days 500yen/d → 400yen/d
21 days~ 400yen/d → 320yen/d
winter sale winter sale
Completely flat rate,there is no extra charge,
Can be used anywhere in Japan,easy to Use!

Rate calculation is very simple!

Rental device

Mobile WiFi Router Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W04・W05

Completely flat rate and unlimited! *[About communication speed restrictions] When the totals of data capacity become more than 10GB in latest three days until the day before, It may limit transmission rate in network rush hour (about 18:00 ... about 2:00, the following day) of the next day. High performance and High speed! Download speed up to 558Mbps!

(excluding tax)



 POCKETALK TM is an ultra-compact "interpreter" device that allows you to talk without having to speak a foreign language.
 Bilingual communication is possible in 50 languages =including English, Chinese, Korean, French, Thai, Vietnamese etc as well.
 POCKETALK is an advanced IoT product.
 We process the input voice highly in the cloud. We perform accurate speech recognition, character conversion, translation, speech synthesis, etc. that could not be realized with conventional terminals, and instantly return the translated speech.

(excluding tax)

External Battery
Optional Exteral Battery (QE-AL201・202)

If you use the attached cable, you can charge other devices as well, such as a smart phone.
You can go out without any worry about the remaining battery life of your Wi-Fi or mobile phone during your trip!
Winter sale! 0JPY for rent!(New year sale!)

(excluding tax)

Premium insurance

You could feel at ease, even if fatal damage has occurred due to dropping the device on the floor or in the water. If you buy the Premium insurance, you are covered for careless loss or theft of the device. For reparable breakdown or visible damage,
For non-repairable damage, water leakage, For loss or theft,
You can reduce compensation.
This is the most popular plan among the users of our rental WiFi routers.

100JPY/day 0JPY
(excluding tax)

Delivery fee

Delivery fee

Put everything in prepaid envelope.
Please drop the prepaid envelope in post boxes.

*Include the envelope for return

Pick up places : Airport, Hotels, friend’s house, etc
List of airport post offices

Details of pickup place in airport will be notified by order confirmation email. Here is More information
Drop into a Post box.